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Kristin Siddall - winner of the 2023 ABO-NCLE National Patient Choice Award!

We are so incredibly proud to announce that our very own Kristin Siddall was the winner of the 2023 ABO-NCLE National Patient Choice Award!

The awards were presented at OptiCon @ Vision Expo West this past weekend. Winners were nominated by patients for whom the optician provided the best visual solution to improve how they see, look, and feel, making a difference in their life.

Kristin was nominated by David Pehrson. David suffered from post-concussion syndrome, or traumatic brain injury, for more than five years. His symptoms were changing and ongoing. None of the medical professionals seemed to know how to help him. What’s more, David noticed similarities between his symptoms and those of his son, who has ADHD. Then he met Kristin who talked to him about the connection between the eye and the brain. She invited David to her office, and out of curiosity, he went with his son. There, Kristin introduced them to Neurolens, which demonstrated that both David’s and his son’s eyes were out of alignment. They received prescriptions for Neurolens. David said that for the first time in five years he has solid focus and clarity. David reported that his son is more focused in school and has increased his speed of learning. He says, “My optician changed our lives forever.” Congratulations, Kristin, we are so proud of you!

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